High-Speed Pursuit in Los Angeles

A high-speed pursuit took place in Los Angeles, California, involving a silver four-door Mercedes sedan. The pursuit began on the 110 freeway in South LA and continued onto the eastbound I-10. The vehicle was seen weaving through heavy traffic at speeds of approximately 50 miles per hour.

During the pursuit, the left side mirror of the vehicle was observed hanging off, possibly due to previous accidents. At one point, the driver appeared to have stopped, causing the pursuing police vehicles to back off. The LAPD decided to enter tracking mode due to the dangerous nature of the pursuit.

It was reported that a female passenger was let out of the vehicle at some point and was taken into custody by officers following the pursuit. The driver continued to evade authorities, maneuvering through traffic and driving on the shoulder.

The pursuit route included areas such as Western Avenue, Jefferson Park, University Park, Washington Boulevard, and Basalo Avenue. The damaged vehicle was observed heading eastbound on Adams Street.


Author: CrimeDoor

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