High-Speed Chase Leads to Dramatic Airborne Crash in Long Beach, California

In a bizarre turn of events resembling a movie scene, a high-speed chase culminated in a dramatic crash in Long Beach, California. The incident involved a Dodge Charger and a public transit bus, resulting in a collision with The Boujie Crab restaurant.

The crash occurred around 3 PM on a Thursday, when the Charger, speeding south on South Street, disregarded a stop sign at the intersection with California Avenue. Due to the area’s distinct road design featuring high crowns and low gutters, the Charger launched into the air in a “Bullitt”-style jump as it crossed California Avenue. In a shocking twist, an eastbound Long Beach bus collided with the airborne sedan, sending both the bus and the car crashing into the corner seafood restaurant.

Miraculously, The Boujie Crab was closed at the time of the incident, avoiding further casualties. However, the collision resulted in at least 14 injuries, with 10 individuals, including the bus driver, being hospitalized, six of them in serious condition. The Charger, wedged between the bus and the building, caught fire hours later as it was being removed, necessitating a rescue operation for its occupants.

The crash led to the evacuation of residents living above the restaurant, with no immediate clarity on when they could return. The Boujie Crab owner, Nickey McKnight, expressed doubts about reopening at the same location, citing frequent speeding issues on South Street that locals compare to a “race track.” A local resident echoed this sentiment, noting the commonplace nature of speeding and reckless driving on the street.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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