High-Culture Aficionado and Art Dealer Found Stabbed to Death in Rio de Janeiro Home

Renowned art dealer Brent Sikkema, known for his high-culture connections and love for the arts, was tragically found stabbed to death in his Rio de Janeiro home on January 15. The shocking discovery has unveiled a secret side of Sikkema’s life, revealing a complex web of relationships and hidden desires.

Sikkema, 75, was a fixture in the art world, rubbing elbows with luminaries such as Michelle Obama and representing esteemed contemporary artists like Kara Walker and Brazil’s own Vik Muniz through his Chelsea gallery, Sikkema Jenkins & Co. However, beneath the surface, Sikkema had a clandestine existence, immersing himself in the gay scene of Cuba, Rio, and Fire Island, NY, as evidenced by his social media posts.

The art dealer’s personal life took a tumultuous turn when he fell in love with and married a self-admitted male escort, Daniel Garcia Carrera Sikkema. The couple had a son, Lucas, through surrogacy shortly before their marriage. However, their relationship was marred by a bitter divorce that began in March 2022 and was ongoing at the time of Brent Sikkema’s untimely demise.

Alejandro Triana Prevez, a Cuban national who worked as a bodyguard for Sikkema and his husband during the pandemic, has been charged with the art dealer’s murder. Brazilian authorities allege that Triana meticulously surveilled Sikkema’s Rio rowhouse for 14 hours before entering and brutally stabbing him 18 times in the neck and face while he lay in bed. The weapon used in the crime remains uncertain, with possibilities ranging from scissors to a box cutter or a screwdriver.

In addition to the heinous act, Triana is accused of stealing over $30,000 in cash that Sikkema had on hand to furnish a new apartment in Rio’s Leblon neighborhood. The motive behind the murder and theft is still under investigation.

Friends and former clients of Brent Sikkema expressed shock and disbelief upon learning about his secret life and tragic death. Many were unaware of his marriage and the ongoing divorce proceedings. Sikkema’s husband, Daniel Garcia Carrera Sikkema, initiated the divorce and allegedly sought a substantial settlement. However, Brazilian authorities have not implicated Garcia in the murder.

The complex personal life of Brent Sikkema, who split his time between Manhattan, Sayville, NY, Havana, and Rio, is now under scrutiny. His husband, Garcia, claims to have worked as a prostitute in Cuba and Spain, as detailed in his memoir, “Ticket to Paradise: The Cuban Revolution is the Story of Broken Dreams, Losses, Misery, Terror and Lies.” The book recounts Garcia’s journey from childhood sexual abuse to survival through prostitution and his eventual escape from the communist regime.

As the investigation unfolds, more details are emerging. Triana, currently in custody in Rio, has provided additional information that remains undisclosed to the public. His lawyer, Gregorio Andrade, asserts that Triana seeks to reveal the whole truth surrounding the case.

Brent Sikkema, who had planned to return to New York City on January 16, owned multiple properties in Rio de Janeiro and Cuba. One Havana penthouse was reportedly purchased in the name of Sikkema and Garcia’s son, as Sikkema, being an American, could not own property on the communist island.

The art world mourns the loss of Brent Sikkema, with artists like Vik Muniz expressing their devastation over the tragic demise of their longtime friend and art dealer. Sikkema’s Instagram page, filled with cherished moments of his son’s life, serves as a poignant reminder of the humanity he shared with his loved ones.

The investigation into Brent Sikkema’s murder continues, with Brazilian authorities working diligently to uncover the truth behind this shocking crime that has shaken the art community and revealed the hidden complexities of a man who lived a life of both high culture and secret desires.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This tragic incident reminds me of a similar case that happened in my hometown a few years ago. There was a well-known art collector named Emily Thompson who was found murdered in her luxurious penthouse apartment. Emily was highly regarded in the art community for her impeccable taste and extensive collection.

    The news of her death shocked the entire city, as she was known for her philanthropy and support of emerging artists. The police launched a thorough investigation, and it was discovered that her murder was linked to a valuable piece

  2. “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde

    This quote resonates with the post because it highlights the passion and individuality that art represents. Brent Sikkema, being a renowned art dealer, was someone who deeply understood and appreciated the power of art. His love for the arts and his high-culture connections exemplify the intensity of his individualism. The tragic nature of his death only serves to emphasize the loss of such a unique and influential

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