Heroic Bystander Tackles Armed Individual at Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory Rally

In a stunning turn of events at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory rally, a heroic bystander, Trey Filter, tackled an armed individual after a post-parade shooting incident. The incident, which left one person dead and nearly two dozen others wounded, unfolded in Kansas City, Missouri.

Filter, a 40-year-old owner of an asphalt and concrete company residing in Maize, a suburb of Wichita, Kansas, found himself in the widely circulated video of the tackle. Recounting the incident, Filter admitted that he was not a “big shot” or a “tough guy,” but when he saw the person being pursued, he instinctively jumped into action.

Accompanied by his wife, Casey Filter, and their two children, aged 15 and 12, Filter initially mistook the sound of gunfire for celebratory fireworks. However, as chaos ensued and police began running through the crowd, he realized the severity of the situation. Hearing the command, “Get him!” Filter swiftly tackled the fleeing individual, knocking his gun loose.

Another bystander joined the effort, attempting to apprehend the person. Filter, determined to subdue the armed individual, jumped on top of him, eventually bringing him down after overcoming two tackles. It was at this point that they discovered the weapon had been dislodged during the scuffle.

Casey Filter, a stay-at-home mom, noticed the fallen weapon near her and picked it up. Describing it as resembling something out of a video game, Trey Filter expressed his surprise at the turn of events. He also mentioned that he struck the person they tackled before being pulled away by the police.

The Filters, still processing the events, returned home to find local media waiting for them. The video of the incident had already gained significant attention. While a petition circulates online, calling for Trey Filter and the other bystander to receive Super Bowl rings, he humbly dismissed the idea, stating that many others would have acted in the same way.

Author: CrimeDoor

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