Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Claims Prosecutors Delaying New Charges as Health Declines

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, expressed his frustration to a judge in Manhattan, alleging that prosecutors are intentionally delaying bringing new charges against the disgraced movie mogul as his health deteriorates in jail. Weinstein, 72, appeared in court on Tuesday morning, seated in a wheelchair and looking pale and clean-shaven. Clad in a dark suit, white shirt, and dark blue tie, Weinstein’s physical condition was visibly weakened.

Prosecutor Nicole Blumberg acknowledged that they do not currently have new charges to bring against Weinstein, but affirmed their intention to retry him in the fall. Blumberg explained that some women who were previously hesitant to proceed with the legal process are now ready to come forward, and the prosecution plans to seek additional charges by returning to a grand jury. She emphasized that the process is ongoing.

However, Aidala argued that Weinstein has been incarcerated for nearly five years and accused the prosecutors of employing “delay tactics.” Aidala highlighted a range of health issues that Weinstein is facing, asserting that they are worsening during his time behind bars. According to medical professionals, Weinstein suffers from fluid in his heart, spinal stenosis, and macular degeneration in his eyes. Aidala also claimed that the diet provided at Rikers Island, where Weinstein is held, is exacerbating his diabetes due to its high sugar content. Additionally, Aidala contended that Weinstein is unfairly subjected to solitary confinement.

Aidala pleaded for more time, emphasizing that Weinstein is not only a sick man but also a father to young children who wishes to be released. Blumberg responded to Aidala’s claims, stating that there are no delay tactics being employed by the prosecution.

Previously scheduled for a retrial after Labor Day, Weinstein’s case may now proceed in November, according to Blumberg. This announcement was met with skepticism from the defense, and Weinstein himself shook his head in disagreement.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Do you think it is fair for prosecutors to delay bringing new charges against Harvey Weinstein due to his deteriorating health? Why or why not?

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