Harvey Weinstein Remains in New York Jail as Extradition Decision Looms

Harvey Weinstein Remains in New York Jail as Extradition Decision Looms

Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced movie mogul, will continue to be held in a New York jail as the court deliberates on his potential extradition to California. The decision comes as Weinstein awaits the start of his rape case retrial. On Thursday, May 9, Weinstein appeared in court in New York for a brief hearing regarding the extradition process.

Weinstein’s release from prison, following the surprising overturning of his 2020 rape and sexual assault conviction by a New York appeals court, has left his status uncertain. In addition to the retrial, he is also facing a 16-year sentence on separate rape and sexual assault charges in California. Originally, he was set to begin serving the California sentence after completing the one in New York.

Prosecutors have expressed their intention to pursue a retrial, although a specific start date has not yet been announced. The trial is expected to commence in early September. The court will now determine whether Weinstein will remain in New York or be extradited to California in the meantime. It appears that both prosecutors and Weinstein’s defense attorneys are in agreement about him staying in New York.

During the hearing, Weinstein’s lawyers stated that he did not wish to be extradited. Prosecutors are also opposing the extradition request filed by California. Diana Fabi Samson, one of Weinstein’s attorneys, mentioned that California is currently unable to extradite Weinstein as they first need to produce a warrant signed by the governor. Samson clarified that Weinstein is not a fugitive in the traditional sense, but rather the language used by the state.

Weinstein’s next court appearance in New York is scheduled for May 29, while an appearance in the California case is set for August 7. Prior to the overturning of his New York conviction, Weinstein was held in an upstate New York prison. Subsequently, he was transferred to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, where he reportedly received treatment for pneumonia and other medical issues. He has since been relocated to New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex.

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