Handcuffed Suspect Steals Patrol Car, Leads Police on 37-Mile Chase Ending in Fatal Crash

The Colorado State Patrol has released video footage showing a handcuffed suspect, Anthony Sanchez, contorting his body to move from the back to the front seat of a patrol car and subsequently stealing it. The incident occurred on June 20th when Sanchez, who had been arrested for erratic driving, managed to flip his handcuffs from his back to his front and squeeze through a narrow one-foot-wide window to reach the driver’s seat.

Sanchez then led the police on a 37-mile chase, which came to a tragic end when he crashed into a parked semi-truck. The suspect succumbed to his injuries in the crash. Investigators are now examining how this incident was allowed to happen and whether the actions taken by the Colorado State Patrol officers were in accordance with their training and policies.

Colonel Matthew Packard, head of the Colorado State Patrol, has stated that once the investigation is complete, he will assess whether any procedural changes are necessary to prevent such car thefts in the future. Additionally, the appropriateness of using stop sticks and adherence to protocol will be evaluated.


Author: CrimeDoor

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