Hampton City Council Unanimously Votes to Censure Councilman Chris Bowman for Conduct Unbecoming of a Public Official

Hampton City Council unanimously voted to censure Councilman Chris Bowman for conduct unbecoming of a public official. The decision came after court documents revealed Bowman’s involvement in a sexual encounter with a prostitute. Vice Mayor Jimmy Gray stated that Bowman’s actions violated the moral and ethical standards expected of council members, undermining the trust and confidence of his constituents.

Gray introduced a motion to censure Bowman, which serves as a form of disapproval and admonishment. He emphasized that the council believes Bowman’s actions contradict the integrity and standards upheld by the Hampton City Council.

The court documents detailed a criminal incident involving Bowman. In January 2022, Bowman paid a woman $200 for oral sex at a Newport News hotel room. Upon returning to his car, Bowman discovered several items, including his personal cellphone, were missing. Subsequently, a man demanded $5,000 for the return of the cellphone, threatening to release its contents publicly. Bowman paid the demanded amount but did not receive the phone.

On June 17, more than a year later, police arrested Michael Eugene Brown II of Hampton on a felony extortion charge related to the incident. Bowman himself was not charged with any crime.

During the council meeting, Hampton resident Aaron Weaver strongly criticized Bowman’s actions and urged the council to take appropriate action. Gray introduced the motion to censure Bowman, clarifying that it does not restrict his duties as a council member but serves as a means for council members to express disapproval.

City spokesperson Robin McCormick clarified that the censure does not impact Bowman’s role as a council member but is a way for the council to voice their disapproval. Gray expressed hope that the censure would send a strong message to Bowman and the community that such actions would not be tolerated.

Gray, Mayor Donnie Tuck, and council members Hope Harper, Martha Mugler, Billy Hobbs, and Steven Brown voted in favor of censuring Bowman. Bowman, present at the meeting, did not participate in the vote or address the censure or the comments made about him.

Bowman previously confirmed meeting with the woman involved but claimed he was unaware that soliciting a prostitute was illegal in Virginia, punishable by up to a year in jail.


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