Hackers Steal $41 Million in Cryptocurrencies from Stake.com; FBI Blame North Korea

Hackers Steal  Million in Cryptocurrencies from Stake.com; FBI Blame North Korea

Hackers targeted Stake.com, an online casino and sports betting site, and stole approximately $41 million worth of cryptocurrencies this week. The FBI has attributed the hack to North Korea’s state-sponsored Lazarus Group, also known as APT38. According to the FBI, the theft occurred on or about September 4, 2023. Stake.com co-founder Edward Craven described the attack as a “sophisticated breach” that exploited a service used by the casino to authorize crypto transactions. Despite the significant amount stolen, Stake.com has stated that it will continue its operations.

The Lazarus Group, notorious for its cyber activities, was added to the U.S. sanctions list in 2019. The group, also known as APT38, has been responsible for numerous high-profile hacks over the years. The FBI reports that the Lazarus Group has stolen more than $200 million in cryptocurrencies this year alone. The FBI has identified the addresses to which the stolen funds were moved, and advises people to be cautious when dealing with transactions directly associated with those addresses.

North Korea is believed to be using the stolen cryptocurrencies to fund its nuclear weapons program. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is scheduled to visit Russia this month, where discussions regarding the supply of weapons to support Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine are expected to take place. The international community has expressed concerns over North Korea’s actions, warning that the nation will “pay a price” for its involvement.

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