Gunman’s Last Moments Captured in Video Footage Before Dollar General Store Shooting

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Image Credit: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Florida authorities have released video footage detailing the movements of the gunman before a racially motivated shooting took place at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville. The suspect, identified as Ryan Christopher Palmeter, 21, took his own life after opening fire with an AR-15-style weapon, killing three Black shoppers. Surveillance footage shows Palmeter stopping at a Family Dollar store before heading to Edward Waters University to put on a tactical vest. The university was not believed to be the target. Jacksonville sheriff’s deputies entered the store and searched for the gunman before he took his own life. The writing left behind by the gunman indicated a motivation rooted in racism. The victims have been identified as A.J. Laguerre, Angela Michelle Carr, and Jerrald Gallion.


Ryan Scott
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