Gunman Causes Panic at UC Berkeley Campus Concert

Gunman Causes Panic at UC Berkeley Campus Concert

A gunman wearing a Tupac Shakur T-shirt created a terrifying situation at the University of California at Berkeley campus on Friday night. The incident occurred during a packed classical music performance, causing panic among the attendees. The unidentified shooter, a resident of Oakland, arrived on a motorcycle around 8:30 p.m. and began harassing a group of students practicing a dance routine inside a tent.

Witnesses reported that the man appeared agitated and delusional. Despite the students’ attempts to persuade him to leave, he threatened to involve federal agents and have them deported. Ignoring their pleas, the gunman proceeded to fire an automatic handgun multiple times near the student union, as captured in video footage.

The chaotic scene unfolded during a concert by renowned soprano Renee Fleming at the nearby Zellerbach auditorium. Approximately 2,000 alarmed attendees were forced to take shelter during the intermission while law enforcement units swiftly responded to the incident. The police quickly identified and apprehended a suspect, who was later placed on a psychiatric hold pending further investigation.


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