Gunfire at Michigan Hotel: Trooper Injured, Suspect Dead in Dramatic Police Showdown

A Michigan State Trooper is currently recuperating from serious injuries following a high-stakes shootout at a Bridgeport Township hotel, which resulted in the death of a wanted suspect. The incident, as reported by, unfolded around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, adding a layer of high drama to the otherwise routine day.

Michigan State Police Col. James Grady II detailed the tense moments leading up to the confrontation. The state police’s fugitive team was in the midst of apprehending a suspect, wanted on several felony warrants, when the situation took a perilous turn. The suspect reportedly brandished a gun, threatening the officers, prompting the troopers to respond with lethal force.

The aftermath of this intense exchange left the suspect dead and a state trooper with serious injuries. The wounded officer, who underwent surgery on Wednesday evening, is expected to make a full recovery. Both the trooper and the deceased suspect remain unnamed, adding a shroud of mystery to the already dramatic episode.

This fatal shooting marks the second such incident in Saginaw County this year involving state troopers. Earlier, on August 11, 58-year-old Thomas C. Baskin was shot dead by troopers after a violent altercation involving a woman, a house barricade, and an exchange of gunfire. Saginaw County Prosecutor John McColgan Jr. later ruled that shooting justified, although the identities of the troopers involved were not disclosed.

These back-to-back incidents highlight the perilous nature of law enforcement work and the sudden, unexpected dangers state troopers can face in the line of duty. As the Bridgeport Township hotel becomes the latest scene of police action, the community and the state police force grapple with the aftermath of a day that started as routine but ended with gunfire and tragedy.

Author: CrimeDoor

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