Guilty Plea Revealed: Montana Man’s Meth Operation Exposed

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In a stunning turn of events, a guilty plea in a high-profile drug case has been unsealed, uncovering the illicit activities of Franklin Calvo’s methamphetamine operation. The revelations, made public last week, shed light on a secretive underworld right in the heart of Mongmong, Guam.

Calvo’s operation began to unravel in January 2021, when law enforcement initiated a meticulously planned undercover operation targeting his dubious activities. A police informant, working closely with investigators, twice purchased meth from Calvo, setting the stage for his inevitable downfall.

Surveillance teams didn’t waste a second and swiftly followed Calvo as he left his Mongmong residence, concealing a suspicious black pack within the confines of his blue pickup truck. However, the law was hot on his heels.

As Calvo embarked on Route 8, headed towards Marine Corps Drive, investigators swooped in with a dramatic traffic stop. The would-be drug kingpin found himself under arrest, his two incriminating transactions with the informant coming back to haunt him.

Inside Calvo’s vehicle, an astonishing find left no doubt regarding his criminal activities. Authorities discovered a staggering 62.15 gross grams of meth, alongside a substantial sum of $8,271 in cash. This damning evidence, as described in his plea agreement, pointed unequivocally to Calvo’s deep involvement in the nefarious trade.

Interrogated at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms field office, Calvo made a series of shocking admissions. He divulged that his source, whose identity remained sealed, regularly supplied him with 2 ounces of meth, each costing him $3,350. In a jaw-dropping revelation, Calvo disclosed he turned in an astonishing $8,000 to $10,000 in drug sales every week, with the highest sum he ever gave to his source reaching an eye-watering $20,000.

A subsequent search of Calvo’s apartment only amplified the expanse of his illicit empire. Law enforcement seized $4,679 and impounded two vehicles Calvo claimed to have acquired using drug proceeds. Alongside the unsealing of his case, federal prosecutors wasted no time, immediately filing a motion to have Calvo forfeit both the cash and the vehicles.

Awaiting his day of judgment, Calvo is scheduled to be sentenced on October 16 for his possession of 5 or more grams of meth with intent to distribute. This case serves as an impressive reminder that the long arm of the law will prevail, no matter how deeply entrenched one finds themselves in a life of crime.

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