Gruesome Details Emerge in Death of Los Angeles Model Maleesa Mooney

Gruesome Details Emerge in Death of Los Angeles Model Maleesa Mooney

New details have emerged in the investigation into the death of Los Angeles model Maleesa Mooney. The 31-year-old was found dead inside her apartment last month, with the cause of death yet to be released. Los Angeles Police Department investigators discovered Mooney’s body on September 12 after her family reported not hearing from her.

The autopsy report revealed that Mooney had been badly beaten, bound, and gagged before being placed inside her refrigerator. Her arms and legs were tied together behind her back using electronic cords and clothing items. Clothing was also wrapped around her face and neck, and her mouth was stuffed with clothing as a gag. The report indicated that Mooney suffered blunt force trauma, with abrasions, cuts, and contusions found on her head, neck, and body.

Although the injuries sustained by Mooney were not considered acutely life-threatening on their own, the circumstances of her discovery suggest she was likely involved in a violent physical altercation prior to her death, according to the autopsy report. Blood was also found on the floor outside the refrigerator.

Mooney’s body was found just two days after another Los Angeles-based model, Nichole Coats, was discovered in her downtown apartment. However, investigators have determined that the two deaths are unrelated. Coats’ cause of death was determined to be “cocaine and ethanol toxicity” based on an autopsy report.

No suspect has been identified in the case at this time.


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