Growing Trend of “Tourist Burglars” Targeting Luxurious Homes in the US

Authorities across the nation are grappling with a concerning trend of conniving “tourist burglars” infiltrating the United States through a visa program and targeting luxurious homes. These international heist rings, predominantly from South America, are looting valuable items from wealthy homeowners and selling the stolen goods in their home countries. The scale of this criminal activity is on the rise, with law enforcement officials struggling to keep up.

According to Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, these burglars take advantage of the lack of security measures on second floors, such as window sensors and motion detectors. They even employ WiFi jammers to prevent alarm companies from being alerted. It is estimated that at least hundreds of individuals, entering the country on 90-day visits through the visa waiver program, are involved in these burglary rings.

Scottsdale Police Chief Jeff Walther emphasized that this is not an isolated issue, but a national problem affecting numerous cities and neighborhoods. Authorities in Baltimore, Nassau County, and Raleigh have also apprehended burglary suspects from Chile who entered the US on visa waivers.

Victims of these burglaries have shared harrowing experiences, with one couple from Southern California recounting how thieves broke into their home and made off with $8 million worth of items, including their wedding rings and other jewelry stored in a secure safe. The sense of security within their own homes has been shattered, leaving them feeling vulnerable.

LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton highlighted that while South American thieves have been active in California for some time, the number of crimes committed by these crews has significantly increased. The thieves have connections to countries such as Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Author: CrimeDoor

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