Gresham, Oregon Man Indicted for Hate Crimes and Other Charges After Threatening Neighbors

Gresham, Oregon Man Indicted for Hate Crimes and Other Charges After Threatening Neighbors

A 19-year-old man from Gresham, Oregon, Dominic Austin, has been indicted for 33 alleged crimes, including hate crimes, after being caught on Ring doorbell cameras making threats towards his Black and Latina neighbors. The newly released video shows Austin repeatedly using racist and misogynistic slurs while brandishing a knife and threatening to rape, paralyze, and murder his neighbors.

The video footage captured Austin approaching the front door of one of the women, who is Latina and was in her third trimester of pregnancy. Austin can be seen jabbing the knife into the woman’s door, punching towards her Ring camera, and attempting to open the locked door. The woman reported feeling afraid to leave her home and filed a stalking order.

Additional video evidence suggests that Austin’s father, who matches the description of a man seen in the footage, also yelled slurs at the woman’s apartment door. The apartment complex’s management sent an eviction notice to Austin and his father after they engaged in threatening behavior, including pepper-spraying another tenant’s door.

Despite the women’s repeated calls to the police, Austin was not arrested until September 19. He initially faced charges of making threats and violating a stalking order but was later indicted on more than 30 crimes, including bias crime, unlawful use of a weapon, and attempted burglary.

The women sought the assistance of civil attorney Greg Kafoury, who criticized the Gresham police for their handling of the case. Kafoury claimed that the police attributed Austin’s behavior to a mental health issue and were slow to make an arrest. In response, Gresham police stated that they would review their response to improve their service to the community.

The apartment complex’s management has been faulted for not acting on a clause in the tenants’ leases that allows immediate eviction for tenants who threaten serious violence against others. The management did not provide a comment on the matter.

The case involving Austin’s threats against the three women, which spanned from late June to mid-September, has raised concerns about potential biases in the response to the incidents. Kafoury suggested that if the situation had occurred in a different part of town or involved a Black man threatening white women, the response might have been different.

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