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Greek Billionaire Alki David Ordered to Pay $900 Million in Damages for Sexual Assault

Greek billionaire Alki David has been ordered by a Los Angeles jury to pay a staggering $900 million in damages to a former employee, identified as Jane Doe, who accused him of sexual assault. The unanimous ruling came after Jane Doe’s lawyer, Gary Dordick, presented evidence of alleged harassment and rape spanning a three-year period.

According to Dordick, the facts of the case are despicable. He revealed that David had raped his client while on trial for another case. The abuse reportedly began in February 2016 when Jane Doe worked as a model for several of David’s companies, including Hologram USA. The workplace environment was described as alarmingly hostile, with a room referred to as “The Rape Room” and a pornographic image displayed on the human resources department door.

Initially, David attempted to kiss Jane Doe during a work trip to his private island in Greece, but she rejected him and he apologized. Later that year, Jane Doe was laid off, and it wasn’t until 2018 that David invited her to rejoin his team as a brand ambassador at his cannabis manufacturing company, Swiss-X. After accepting the job, Jane Doe alleges that David invited her to his hotel room, where he provided her with a sample of what he claimed was a CBD product. However, the substance left her feeling inebriated and disoriented.

According to the lawsuit, David took advantage of Jane Doe’s incoherent state by masturbating in front of her and forcing her to touch him sexually. The abuse escalated the following year when David allegedly raped her in a small room during a business meeting, with his Doberman pinscher present. Notably, David was already on trial for thrusting his pelvis into employee Mahim Khan’s face, resulting in a $58 million ruling against him.

Multiple employees have come forward, claiming that David had attempted to force himself upon them or fired them for refusing to engage in sexual activities with him. Dordick hailed the monumental verdict as a triumph for justice and a precedent in the fight against workplace sexual assault.

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  • While it is important to take allegations of sexual assault seriously, it is crucial to consider the possibility of false accusations. In this case, it is worth noting that the jury's decision was based solely on the testimony of the accuser, Jane Doe. Without any concrete evidence or corroborating witnesses, it is difficult to determine the veracity of her claims. It is possible that there may be ulterior motives at play, such as financial gain or personal vendettas. Therefore, it is important to

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