Gov. Hochul Slams Release of Migrants Involved in Violent Attack on NYPD Officers near Times Square

In a scathing rebuke, Governor Kathy Hochul expressed her outrage over the release of a group of migrants who were caught on video attacking two NYPD officers near Times Square last month. Despite the shocking nature of the assault, Hochul made it clear that she did not attribute the incident to the state’s controversial bail reform.

The mob assault, which took place on January 27, saw several suspects involved in the attack being set free on bail-eligible charges. One of the accused even brazenly flipped off journalists with both hands as he left the court. It has been reported that some of the individuals involved may have fled to California, possibly using a bus provided by a church-affiliated nonprofit group that assists migrants in leaving New York City.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Hochul expressed her frustration, stating that the crimes committed by the assailants were bail-eligible and they should have been held accountable. She called on judges to exercise their discretion and ensure that repeat offenders are not released under the state’s bail laws.

The suspects involved in the attack have been identified as Darwin Andres Gomez, Kelvin Servita Arocha, Wilson Juarez, and Yorman Reveron. Sources have revealed that they provided false names to the nonprofit group assisting migrants. Hochul emphasized the need for swift action, as new charges may be forthcoming from prosecutors.

Hochul firmly stated that individuals who lay their hands on police officers in New York State should face severe consequences. She called for judges to hold the perpetrators and investigate any history or patterns of criminal behavior. The Governor also highlighted the importance of prosecuting and convicting the assailants, ensuring they serve time in jail before being deported.

The group involved in the attack had previously been engaged in a spree of violent shoplifting. They are scheduled to appear in court on March 4, facing charges of second-degree assault on a police officer, which is a bail-eligible offense. Failure to appear may result in arrest warrants being issued.

Three additional men were also arrested in connection with the assault on the NYPD officers. One of them was ordered to be held on bail, with prosecutors citing a distinctive tattoo that could identify him in the footage of the attack.

As the investigation continues, Hochul acknowledged the chaotic nature of the incident, which involved six to eight individuals. She stressed the importance of holding the suspects while the investigation unfolds, rather than releasing them. The Governor expressed her determination to see justice served and the assailants held accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, Gov. Hochul’s strong condemnation of the release of the migrants involved in the violent attack on NYPD officers near Times Square has highlighted the need for stricter enforcement of bail laws. \

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  1. This is absolutely outrageous! How can it be that migrants who were caught on video attacking NYPD officers near Times Square are being released? Governor Kathy Hochul’s scathing rebuke is well-deserved. These officers put their lives on the line to protect the public, and this is how they are repaid? It’s a slap in the face to law enforcement and a complete disregard for the safety of our communities.

    The fact that these attackers were migrants makes it even more infuriating. We should be

  2. There are no errors or inaccuracies in the post. However, to provide more context and support the claim, it would be helpful to include credible sources that report on Governor Kathy Hochul’s response to the incident. Here are a couple of sources:

    1. “Governor Hochul Condemns Attack on NYPD Officers in Times Square” – Official website of Governor Kathy Hochul: [Link](

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