Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis Allowed to Continue Trump Case, Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade Must Step Down

Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis Allowed to Continue Trump Case, Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade Must Step Down

In a recent development in the case against former President Donald Trump and his associates, Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis has been granted permission to remain in charge of the prosecution. However, the special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, has been ordered to step down. The case, which accuses Trump and 18 others of racketeering and conspiracy to interfere with Georgia’s 2020 election results, has been marred by allegations of an improper romantic relationship between Willis and Wade.

Last August, Willis filed charges against Trump and his associates, but in January, co-defendant Mike Roman raised concerns about Willis’ relationship with Wade. Roman argued that the affair presented a conflict of interest and requested Willis be removed from the prosecution, along with the dismissal of the case against him. Georgia Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, in his ruling on Friday, found the evidence insufficient to support an actual conflict of interest but acknowledged the appearance of impropriety.

Judge McAfee criticized Willis for her “tremendous lapse in judgment” in pursuing a relationship with Wade. He emphasized the need to address the appearance of impropriety before the prosecution can proceed. As a result, McAfee determined that either Wade or Willis must step aside to remove the perceived conflict. The judge’s ruling highlights the significance of maintaining public confidence in the prosecution team.

Willis initially denied the allegations but later admitted to the affair, claiming it began after Wade joined her prosecution team in November 2021. However, during a tense hearing in February, Willis’ former co-worker, Robin Yeartie, contradicted her timeline, stating that the relationship started years before Wade’s hiring. Willis vehemently denied Yeartie’s account and sparred with Roman’s attorney during her testimony.

Roman’s lawyers argued that trips taken by Willis and Wade during their relationship suggested not only an improper personal relationship but also a financial one. Both Wade and Willis strongly refuted these accusations in their testimonies.

While the matter of the relationship between Willis and Wade has been under scrutiny, the case against Trump suffered another setback. On Wednesday, Judge McAfee dismissed six charges related to Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, where he urged him to “find” the votes needed to win the state. The defense successfully argued that the prosecutors failed to demonstrate that the defendants’ actions surrounding the call warranted charges of solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer.

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