Gasoline-Drinking Burglary Suspect Caught in Seattle Garage

Gasoline-Drinking Burglary Suspect Caught in Seattle Garage

A burglary suspect was apprehended in Seattle after being found sitting in the garage of a home he was accused of breaking into. The incident occurred last week when a 17-year-old girl reported that a man with a wooden stick had attempted to enter her parent’s home. Concerned for the girl’s safety, officers from the Seattle Police Department breached the front door and conducted a search for both the victim and the suspect.

During the search, officers heard banging noises coming from inside the house. They discovered a 40-year-old man sitting in the front seat of a car in the garage, holding a red gasoline can and a hammer. Bodycam footage revealed that as the police approached the car, the suspect drank gasoline from the nozzle before wiping his mouth and placing the container down. The suspect remained inside the vehicle, attempting to negotiate with the officers and expressing his desire to avoid any conflicts.

In response, the police broke the driver-side window, prompting the suspect to take another swig of gasoline. Officers then pulled him out of the car and restrained him on the ground. Meanwhile, the 17-year-old girl was located on the house’s second floor and safely brought out by the police.

The suspect received medical treatment from paramedics and was subsequently booked into King County Jail on charges of residential burglary. Seattle has experienced a significant number of property crimes this year, with over 22,000 reported incidents. Burglaries rank second on the list, with approximately 4,750 offenses. However, only 602 arrests have been made in 2023.

Recent data from the US Census Bureau indicates that nearly a quarter-million residents of Seattle expressed a desire to leave the city due to rising crime rates. This figure represents 7.2% of the population, the highest among all cities in the country. The escalating crime situation has led to the resignation of a veteran police officer, Lt. Jessica Taylor, who criticized the city’s leadership in her resignation letter.

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