Gas Station Scammers Hack Pumps for Free Fuel

Gas Station Scammers Hack Pumps for Free Fuel

A gas station in Detroit has reported a scam where hackers are exploiting pumps to obtain large quantities of free gas. According to Detroit-based broadcaster FOX 2, the scammers are using Bluetooth connectivity on smartphones to override the gas station’s system, enabling them to release significant amounts of fuel at a specific pump. Recently, one hacker managed to obtain approximately 800 gallons of gas, valued at around $3,000, at a Shell station in Detroit.

The gas station owner stated that the scammers can open the pump automatically, and other drivers are reportedly directing them to the hacked pump. The station’s clerks are left helpless and can only call the police while the theft occurs. The owner mentioned that attempts to stop the pump manually were unsuccessful, requiring the entire pump system to be shut off using emergency stops.

The exact method used by the hackers to override the pumps remains unclear. Justin Hearn, a spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department, stated that an electronic device was involved, but the specific device is unknown. This incident is not the first time gas stations have been targeted for free gas. NBC News previously reported that between March and July 2022, 22 individuals were arrested for similar scams as gas prices reached record highs in the United States.

While the specific device used in this recent hack is unknown, easily accessible gadgets are available online, allowing individuals to bypass gas pumps’ payment systems. Some of these devices exploit remote control options used by station owners and fuel inspectors, while others, known as pulsar manipulators, deceive the pump into dispensing more gas than it registers.

Authorities are currently searching for the Detroit thief, who was captured on surveillance footage. However, given the substantial amount of gas stolen, it is likely that the thief has managed to evade capture thus far.

Author: CrimeDoor

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