G-Dragon Hires Top Lawyer for Drug Case, Faces Allegations of Illegal Drug Use

South Korean superstar G-Dragon

South Korean superstar G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji-young, has hired a top lawyer to represent him in a drug-related case. The former member of the K-Pop group BigBang recently faced allegations of illegal drug use after being booked by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency. While the police did not provide further details, it is believed to be related to an incident in 2011 where G-Dragon was allegedly found inhaling marijuana at a club in Japan but was not formally prosecuted.

Due to the seriousness of drug cases in South Korea, G-Dragon has enlisted the services of one of the country’s top lawyers. The lead lawyer, a former judge of the Constitutional Court during the 2018 presidential impeachment case, is expected to handle the legal battle.

However, G-Dragon may have to pay a substantial amount for his defense. According to reports, law firms often charge around KRW 1 billion ($739,180) for cases involving famous celebrities, with a minimum charge of KRW 500 million ($369,587). In G-Dragon’s case, the cost could reach KRW 2 billion ($1.5 million) if the circumstances are deemed legally unfavorable.

G-Dragon learned about the allegations through social media and has not yet been contacted by the police. He has previously denied the drug allegations, stating that they are untrue and that he has no connection to the reported violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics.

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