Fundraiser Collects Over $25,000 for Disgraced NYC Art Professor Shellyne Rodriguez

A fundraiser has garnered significant attention and financial support for Shellyne Rodriguez, a disgraced art professor from New York City. The GoFundMe campaign, which aims to raise $30,000, was initiated in May last year after Rodriguez was fired from both Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts. The termination came after she brandished a machete at Post reporter Reuven Fenton, who was investigating her viral altercation with a group of anti-abortion students.

Despite facing charges of harassment, menacing, and weapons possession, Rodriguez managed to secure a teaching position at Cooper Union just four months later. However, her employment at the institution was short-lived, as The Post recently revealed that she was dismissed for making anti-Israel statements. Following this revelation, donations to her GoFundMe page have started to trickle in once again, with the total amount reaching $25,589 as of Friday.

The organizers of the fundraiser, known as the “SR Solidarity Committee,” consist of fellow educators, artists, and community organizers who aim to provide material support to help Rodriguez recover from what they perceive as persecution. They argue that Rodriguez’s dismissals from Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts were unjust, attributing them to right-wing media pressure following her confrontation with a national pro-life organization. The committee further claims that both institutions failed to protect and support Rodriguez, alleging that she became the target of racist and misogynistic right-wing harassment and threats that endangered her life.

The incident involving Rodriguez and Fenton occurred on May 23, when she threatened to “chop” the Post reporter with a machete. She subsequently pursued Fenton and a photographer onto the street, swinging the weapon outside her Bronx apartment. The entire assault was captured on video, leading to her termination shortly thereafter.

After a seven-month period without any new contributions, a $100 donation was made on January 19, coinciding with the start of the new semester at Cooper Union, where Rodriguez was absent. Another donation followed when news of her latest firing broke on February 4. On Thursday, a $5 donation was received, and on Friday, another donation of $25 was made.

The GoFundMe campaign was established with Rodriguez’s consent, and she has provided a link to it in her Instagram bio. Fundraisers typically remain open until organizers decide to disable or remove them, or if there is no new activity for 365 days. In addition to financial support, Rodriguez’s supporters are demanding that Cooper Union rehire her. The Cooper Union Students for Justice in Palestine organized a rally on Thursday to protest the firing of the self-proclaimed “decolonial activist” professor. The group attributes her dismissal to her participation in a CUNY for Palestine forum on January 15, where she made antisemitic remarks about Jewish landlords and businessmen and suggested a rent strike.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This is absolutely appalling! How can people support someone who has been disgraced? It’s a shame that a fundraiser is being held for Shellyne Rodriguez, an art professor who clearly has no integrity. This sends a terrible message to the community and undermines the importance of accountability. It’s disheartening to see that some individuals are willing to overlook wrongdoing and instead choose to financially support someone who has tarnished their profession. This fundraiser only perpetuates a culture of enabling and condoning unethical behavior.

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