Fugitive Mexican Mafia Member Martin Madrigal Cazares Gunned Down in Baja California

Fugitive Mexican Mafia Member Martin Madrigal Cazares Gunned Down in Baja California

Martin Madrigal Cazares, a fugitive Mexican Mafia member, was fatally shot in Baja California earlier this month, according to law enforcement sources. The exact details of his death, including the location and time, have not been disclosed by Mexican authorities. Madrigal, also known as “Evil,” controlled gangs in Ventura County from his base in Mexico, where he established a drug-trafficking network and introduced California-style prison politics.

Madrigal, 53, was deported in 2006 after serving a six-year federal prison term. Despite his deportation, he continued to operate his criminal activities in Ventura County, traveling between Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada in Baja California. He was indicted in the United States on drug trafficking charges and was subject to extradition.

Law enforcement sources revealed that Madrigal operated within a network where established Mexican drug traffickers collaborated with uprooted California gang members. Mexican Mafia members in Baja California acted as brokers, facilitating the transportation of drugs, primarily methamphetamine, to contacts in California and other parts of the United States.

Madrigal’s death comes after a history of confrontations within the Mexican Mafia. He clashed with fellow member Thomas “Wino” Grajeda, who criticized Madrigal for abusing his authority. Madrigal’s inflated ego caused friction among other Mexican Mafia members.

Wiretapped calls revealed that Madrigal’s lieutenants collected “taxes” from gangs and drug dealers in California, sending the money to Madrigal, who was held in a high-security Mexican prison on undisclosed charges. Madrigal’s wife, Lina Fuentes, and his associate Edwin “Sporty” Mora were also involved in drug trafficking activities and faced federal charges.

Despite efforts to extradite Madrigal to the United States, he remained in Mexican custody, serving a life sentence. However, he was twice released under unclear circumstances. Madrigal’s power struggle with another Mexican Mafia member, Michael “Mike Boo” Moreno, further complicated his hold over the Ventura area and his prison operations in California and Mississippi.


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