Fugitive Kangaroo Apprehended in Canada After Punching Officer

Canadian authorities successfully captured a fugitive kangaroo on Monday in Oshawa, Ontario, following a four-day pursuit. The kangaroo, which had escaped while being transferred between zoos, even managed to punch a police officer during the apprehension.

Durham Regional Police responded to a call from a member of the public who reported seeing the kangaroo, approximately 40 miles east of Toronto. Videos of the animal hopping along a highway quickly circulated on social media, bewildering motorists.

Upon arrival, officers employed a recommended technique for subduing kangaroos: grabbing the animal by its tail. Staff Sergeant Chris Boileau informed reporters that one officer was hit in the face but was unharmed and would not be pressing charges.

The police captured the marsupial early Monday morning during a pause in its movements. The kangaroo, described as peaceful upon surrender, was transported back to the zoo in a K9 kennel.

Cameron Preyde, Park Supervisor and Head Keeper at the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm, explained that the four-year-old kangaroo had jumped over its handlers during a brief stop at the facility on Thursday. The handlers, alongside the kangaroo’s adult offspring, attempted a search, but were hindered by darkness.

The young female kangaroo is now set to continue her journey to Quebec after a rest period. Zoo handlers, following this incident, are expected to keep a vigilant watch on the animal to prevent further escapes.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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