Fugitive Gal Luft Reveals Fresh Allegations on Biden Family’s China Connections

Fugitive Gal Luft Reveals Fresh Allegations on Biden Family’s China Connections

Fugitive Gal Luft, a former Israel Defense Force lieutenant colonel and key witness in the Biden corruption investigation, has made new allegations regarding the Biden family’s connections to China. In an exclusive 50-page expose obtained by The Post, Luft reveals information about how influential Americans from both political parties were recruited by the Chinese energy company CEFC to serve China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Luft, who worked with CEFC and had deep intelligence ties in Washington and Beijing, claims that prominent figures such as former national security advisors, a former CIA Director, a former NSA Director, a former Chairman of the Fed, former cabinet secretaries, former senators, retired generals, and CEOs were involved in enriching themselves through their association with CEFC. He alleges that these individuals were willing to go to great lengths to benefit from their ties to CEFC’s enigmatic billionaire chairman, Ye Jianming.

Ye, who was Hunter Biden’s most lucrative Chinese business partner, was arrested in China in 2018 for “economic crimes” on the orders of President Xi Jinping. Luft suggests that Ye was tipped off about the FBI investigation into CEFC by a mole within the agency. He also claims that Ye believed he was being followed by the FBI in 2017, but managed to avoid arrest with the help of his high-powered lawyers.

Luft’s disclosures about the Bidens were later corroborated by the FBI when they subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s laptop and by IRS whistleblowers who had been investigating Hunter since 2018. He describes himself as the “patient zero” of the Hunter Biden investigation and a key witness to a national security breach. However, his warnings went unheeded, and he was later charged with making false statements in Brussels, which he believes was an attempt to discredit him.

The timing of Luft’s indictment, one week before the 2022 midterm elections, raises questions about potential political motivations. He suggests that the Department of Justice (DOJ) sought to defuse him as a loose nuke that could expose their cover-up of the Brussels meeting. Luft’s fugitive status and allegations of being a “Chinese spy” have led to dismissals from the president’s supporters among Democrats and the media.

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