Freelance Reporter in Fort Wayne Faces Federal Charges for Threatening Jews and Pro-Israel Officials

Fort Wayne, Indiana – Freelance reporter Jeffrey Stevens, 41, is currently facing federal charges after allegedly making threats to “kill every Jew” in the city and “shoot every pro-Israel US government official.” The charges were filed in court last week, and if convicted, Stevens could face up to five years in federal prison.

According to a federal affidavit, Stevens came under scrutiny after multiple concerning Facebook posts following the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. The FBI was alerted to the situation and conducted an interview with Stevens on February 2. During the interview, Stevens admitted to posting on the CIA’s website that he intended to shoot pro-Israel US government officials. He also confessed to sending a threatening message to the Fort Wayne Police Department via Facebook, stating his intention to “kill every Jew.” Stevens claimed that he was intoxicated when he made these posts.

Additionally, Stevens is accused of posting a message stating his determination to “eliminate” every CIA member who supports Israel. The affidavit, filed on February 12 in the US District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, was first reported by The Detroit News on Monday.

Following his arrest last week, Stevens remains in custody as per a federal judge’s order issued on February 16. At this time, Stevens’ attorney has not provided any comment on the matter.

It is important to note that a recent survey conducted by the American Jewish Committee revealed that one-quarter of American Jews reported experiencing antisemitism within the past year. The survey also indicated that nearly two-thirds of American Jews feel less secure in the United States compared to a year ago.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This is a disturbing and concerning incident. I would like to know the author’s thoughts on the rise of hate crimes and threats targeting specific religious or ethnic groups in recent years. How do they think society should address and combat such acts of hatred and violence?

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