France Deploys 7,000 Soldiers After School Stabbing Attack

France Deploys 7,000 Soldiers After School Stabbing Attack

France has announced the mobilization of up to 7,000 soldiers to enhance security across the country following a school attack that resulted in the death of a teacher and injuries to three others. The incident, which occurred in the northern city of Arras, involved a former student suspected of Islamic radicalization. The assailant, who had been under surveillance by intelligence services, was taken into custody along with several others.

Counterterrorism authorities are currently investigating the stabbing, and the motive behind the attack remains unclear. The suspect, who hails from the Ingushetia region in Russia’s Caucasus Mountains, had been identified as Chechen initially. The French government has raised the national threat alert level, and President Emmanuel Macron has ordered the deployment of 7,000 soldiers by Monday night to reinforce security and vigilance throughout France.

The school where the attack took place, Gambetta-Carnot, reopened on Saturday morning, allowing schoolchildren, parents, and personnel to reconnect and seek support. Classes were canceled, but the facility welcomed those who wished to come together or seek guidance from counselors. The attack has left a profound impact on the community, with parents expressing their determination to defy extremism and support their children through this traumatic experience.

The suspect, who reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar” during the attack, is refusing to cooperate with investigators. Prosecutors are considering charges of terrorism-related murder and attempted murder against him. The deceased teacher has been identified as Dominique Bernard, a French language teacher at Gambetta-Carnot school.

This attack has evoked memories of the killing of another teacher, Samuel Paty, three years ago near Paris. The suspect in this recent incident had been under surveillance since the summer for suspected Islamic radicalization. French intelligence services have indicated a potential link between the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the attacker’s decision to carry out the assault.

President Macron has called on the people of France to remain united in the face of terror, emphasizing the importance of education and knowledge in combating ignorance.

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