Four Suspects Charged with Terrorism as Russia Observes Day of Mourning for Deadliest Attack in Two Decades

Four suspects have been charged with terrorism after a deadly attack at a concert near Moscow, Russia. The attack, claimed by ISIL (ISIS), resulted in the deaths of at least 137 people, including three children, making it the deadliest attack in the country in two decades. Another 182 people were wounded, with 40 in critical condition.

The suspects, identified as Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, Saidakrami Rachabalizoda, Shamsidin Fariduni, and Mukhammadsobir Faizov, all citizens of Tajikistan, appeared in court showing signs of severe beating. They have been charged with committing a group terrorist attack resulting in the death of others, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The men have been ordered to be held in pre-trial custody until May 22.

Reports suggest that Mirzoyev and Rachabalizoda admitted guilt after being charged, although there are allegations of torture during their interrogation by the security services. Videos of the suspects’ interrogations, which have been circulating on social media, are unverified and brutal.

President Vladimir Putin, who vowed to punish those responsible for the “barbaric terrorist attack,” stated that the suspects were arrested while attempting to flee to Ukraine. However, Kyiv has denied any connection to the attack. Putin has not publicly addressed ISIL’s claims of responsibility. Seven additional individuals have also been taken into custody.

In a video published by Russian media, one of the suspects confessed to carrying out the attack at the Crocus City Hall for monetary gain. The suspect claimed to have been promised half a million roubles (approximately $5,000). Another video, allegedly filmed by the gunmen, shows individuals firing assault rifles in the concert venue’s lobby, with inert bodies on the floor and a fire starting in the background.

The United States government shared information with Russia about a planned attack in Moscow earlier this month and issued a public advisory to Americans in Russia on March 7. The White House stated that ISIL was solely responsible for the attack. Russian officials have expressed discontent with the US’s public comments on the incident and emphasized the need for Russian investigators to conduct their own findings.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This is absolutely sickening and horrifying. The fact that there are people out there who would commit acts of terrorism, targeting innocent concert-goers, is beyond comprehension. It is a tragic reminder of the evil that exists in our world. My heart goes out to the victims and their families who have been affected by this senseless act of violence. We must stand united against terrorism and work towards a safer and more peaceful future.

  2. Did you know that according to the Global Terrorism Database, Russia has consistently ranked among the top countries affected by terrorism in recent years? In 2019 alone, Russia experienced over 500 terrorist incidents, highlighting the ongoing threat the country faces.

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  4. It is truly disheartening to hear about yet another act of terrorism, this time at a concert near Moscow. These senseless acts of violence not only claim innocent lives but also instill fear and disrupt the peace and harmony of communities. It is crucial for authorities to thoroughly investigate and bring those responsible to justice. Additionally, it is important for society to come together and stand united against terrorism, promoting understanding, tolerance, and peace. Concerts and other public events should be places where people can come

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