Four Retail Theft Suspects Arrested in San Francisco for $49,000 Worth of Stolen Goods

Four Retail Theft Suspects Arrested in San Francisco for ,000 Worth of Stolen Goods

Four retail theft suspects have been apprehended by the San Francisco Police Department after carrying out multiple crimes in the city. The suspects, identified as Savannah Church, Shalia Brown, Erykah Thomas, and Emoni Thomas, are collectively responsible for stealing approximately $49,000 worth of merchandise, according to the SFPD.

Savannah Church, a 24-year-old woman, was arrested in connection with ten retail thefts that occurred between April and September. These incidents involved multiple other suspects. Church’s crimes include thefts on various dates and locations, such as the 3200 block of 20th Ave., the unit block of Powell St., and the 400 block of Mission St.

Shalia Brown, also 24 years old, was arrested for her involvement in three retail crimes. These incidents took place on the 400 block of Haight St., the 2400 block of San Bruno Ave., and the 900 block of Geneva Ave. Brown allegedly assaulted an employee with a device that shoots gel pellets, causing serious injury during one of the robberies.

Erykah Thomas, a 20-year-old woman, and Emoni Thomas, a 20-year-old man, were connected to multiple robberies alongside Church and Brown. They were involved in crimes on June 10, August 21, October 1, and October 3. Additionally, Erykah and Emoni Thomas were linked to a fifth robbery on the 2000 block of Fillmore Street, where they were joined by seven other suspects.

All four suspects have been arrested on felony charges, including aggravated assault, battery causing serious injuries, robbery, grand theft, burglary, and committing a crime while out on bail for another offense.

The arrests were made in San Francisco, California, and the stolen goods amount to $49,000 in total.


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