Four Charged in Retail Theft Ring Targeting 100 Stores in Northern California

Prosecutors have filed charges against four individuals believed to be involved in a retail theft ring that targeted nearly 100 stores across Northern California over a two-month period last year, according to court records. The defendants, consisting of three women and one man, face a range of charges including retail theft, identity theft, and mail theft. The charges encompass multiple felony and misdemeanor counts. All four individuals currently have active arrest warrants and have yet to appear in court, as indicated by records.

Among the accused is a 21-year-old woman from Richmond, who authorities allege was the mastermind behind the operation. Additionally, her mother and her mother’s fiance are also facing charges, according to court documents. The investigation into the theft ring commenced in March 2023, following an incident where the 21-year-old woman and a female accomplice allegedly stole sunglasses worth $10,000 from a business located in the Sunvalley Mall. Surveillance footage helped identify the 21-year-old suspect, who was subsequently apprehended just one week after the mall theft. At the time of her arrest, she was found in possession of a vehicle filled with stolen items. Police were able to trace many of the stolen goods back to a sporting goods store, and a business owner came forward claiming that the duo had stolen a significant number of beanies from his establishment after the authorities issued a news release regarding the arrests.

While still in custody, the 21-year-old woman reportedly made a phone call to her boyfriend, expressing frustration that her mother had failed to follow her instructions, which she believed would have prevented their arrest. Following her release from jail, law enforcement employed various surveillance techniques, including the use of tracking devices, to monitor the activities of the theft ring. Authorities documented the group visiting a total of 93 stores throughout Northern California between May and July 2023.

Author: CrimeDoor

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