Fountain Valley Man Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison for Fatal Boat Trip Shooting

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In a shocking turn of events, Hoang “Wayne” Xuan Le, a Fountain Valley man, has been sentenced to life in federal prison for a harrowing crime committed during a late-night boat trip. Partnered with co-defendant Sheila Ritze, both individuals conspired to lure Tri “James” Minh Dao, a friend and drug-trafficking partner of Le, to an untimely demise. This unfortunate incident took place off the coast of Dana Point in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the rare murder cases tried in federal court under maritime law.

The discovery of Dao’s lifeless body floating two days later by a concerned fisherman screamed of a tragic story filled with gruesome details. The mother of the victim, in a heartfelt written statement submitted to the court, expressed her anguish and disappointment towards Le, emphasizing the fact that he was once considered a close friend to her son. It included the heartbreaking revelation that Le spent precious time together with Dao’s two innocent young daughters, who had considered him family and affectionately called him Uncle. The mother’s burning question resonated through her words: how could Le commit such a merciless and violent act against someone he knew so intimately?

During the trial, Le admitted to regularly trafficking marijuana with Dao from Southern California to Las Vegas, shedding light on the dark underbelly of their illicit activities. Dao was burdened by significant debts, owing money to Le, other friends, bookies, and drug suppliers. The exact sum of his debt became a contentious issue in court, with some witnesses testifying that Le claimed Dao owed him $40,000. However, Le countered this, asserting that the amount was considerably less.

To complicate matters further, Dao had allegedly made promises to those he was indebted to, suggesting that if he were to meet an untimely demise, they could seek restitution from his long-term girlfriend through a life insurance policy. And it was this belief of Le’s that became the crux of his motive for luring Dao onto the ill-fated boat trip and ultimately committing the heinous act.

Le, who openly acknowledged his engagement in drug use and dealing, resided with his mother and older sister in the tranquil city of Fountain Valley. Ironically, he crossed paths with Sheila Ritze, a married property manager and fervent fisherwoman, during an encounter at a local Huntington Beach bar.

As the trial unveiled, Le claimed that during their ill-fated boat excursion, Dao requested $2,000, prompting a confrontation when Le confessed his inability to honor the request. A struggle ensued, during which Le managed to wrestle the gun out of Dao’s hands and shot him purportedly in self-defense. Although Dao remained alive when he fell into the dark abyss of the Pacific Ocean, Le heartlessly instructed Ritze to abandon him to his fate. Shortly after midnight, the water claimed another victim, forever concealing the extent of Dao’s struggle.

Le’s loose lips, unbeknownst to him, ultimately betrayed his intentions. Several individuals he confided in were federal informants, who would later play a crucial role in ensuring justice prevailed. His seemingly casual admissions of shooting Dao due to outstanding debts elucidated the shocking truth behind his malevolent actions. Nonetheless, Le later tried to argue that he merely aimed to portray an image of toughness and bravado.

Prosecutors, on the other hand, presented a well-founded case indicating premeditation. Testimonies from Ritze’s mother-in-law painted a chilling picture, stating that Le had divulged his plans to “off” Dao over his substantial debt during a trip to Las Vegas. Allegedly, Ritze herself had alluded to her involvement in a conversation with coworkers, disclosing her acquaintance with individuals capable of taking people’s lives. She casually mentioned compiling a “hit list” and asserted her intent to take them on her boat, guaranteeing they would never return.

The sentencing of Hoang “Wayne” Xuan Le sends a resounding message that the judicial system will not tolerate such grievous acts of violence, especially when fueled by dark intentions and deceit. The impact of this case reverberates through the lives of all involved, forever leaving scars and a haunting reminder that true evil can reside among those we least expect.

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