Former Yoozoo Games Executive Sentenced to Death for Poisoning Founder

Former Yoozoo Games Executive Sentenced to Death for Poisoning Founder

A former executive at Yoozoo Games, Xu Yao, has been sentenced to death by the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court for the poisoning of the company’s founder, Lin Qi. The incident occurred in December 2020 and stemmed from a dispute over the management of the business. Lin, aged 39, tragically passed away approximately ten days after consuming the poisoned food.

Xu Yao’s actions extended beyond the poisoning of Lin Qi. The court revealed that between September and December 2020, Xu also poisoned beverages in the office, resulting in the illness of four other individuals. Fortunately, these individuals survived the poisoning. The motive behind these additional poisonings was Xu’s disputes with two of the affected individuals.

Yoozoo Games, also known as Youzu Interactive, holds the film rights to the popular Chinese science fiction trilogy, “The Three-Body Problem.” Xu Yao was in charge of a subsidiary responsible for business related to this trilogy. In September 2020, the company granted Netflix the rights to produce an adaptation of the trilogy, as reported by Chinese state media.

The case involving Xu Yao’s poisoning of Lin Qi and others has shocked the gaming industry and the wider public. Yoozoo Games is renowned for developing the game “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming,” based on the popular TV series.

The sentencing of Xu Yao to death marks a significant development in this true crime case. The court’s decision reflects the severity of the crimes committed and sends a strong message regarding the consequences of such actions. The impact of this case on Yoozoo Games and its future endeavors, including the Netflix adaptation of “The Three-Body Problem,” remains to be seen.

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  1. This is a shocking and tragic case that highlights the dark side of corporate rivalries. It reminds me of a similar incident that occurred in the pharmaceutical industry a few years ago.

    In 2016, a high-ranking executive at a leading pharmaceutical company was found guilty of intentionally tampering with the production process of a life-saving drug. The executive, let’s call him John, had a long-standing rivalry with the company’s CEO, who was known for his innovative leadership and success in the industry.


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