Former Utah Therapist Charged with Felonies for Alleged Patient Abuse

Former Utah Therapist Charged with Felonies for Alleged Patient Abuse

Former Utah therapist Maurice Wade Harker, 54, is facing charges of second-degree felony kidnapping and second-degree felony aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult. The charges carry potential prison sentences of one to 15 years, along with fines, if convicted. Court documents state that Harker allegedly abused and exploited a female patient under the guise of therapy between 2012 and 2021.

According to charging documents, Harker claimed that his aggressive hands-on therapy and wrestler-style manhandling were necessary to rid the victim of her demons. He allegedly referred to a specific demon, “demon 713,” as the cause of the victim’s mental, sexual, and physical health problems, including PTSD. The victim reportedly sustained multiple injuries over the years, including a broken thumb in 2017, black eyes from Harker’s elbows, and neck injuries requiring medical treatment.

Prosecutors allege that Harker used his wrestling training to physically restrain the victim and restrict her breathing during therapy sessions. Additionally, Harker is accused of creating an online dating profile for the victim and posing as her, encouraging her to engage in sexual activities that made her uncomfortable. The victim also claimed that Harker would prevent her from leaving therapy sessions, using physical force and intimidation.

The victim attempted to avoid therapy on multiple occasions, including driving to a church parking lot. Charging documents state that Harker used a tracking device attached to the victim’s keys without her knowledge to locate and track her down. The woman provided investigators with substantial documentation supporting her claims of an abusive and exploitative relationship.


Author: CrimeDoor

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