Former Trump Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Brings Photo of Trump to Contempt of Congress Trial

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Image Credit: AFP

Former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro brought a photo of his one-time boss, Donald Trump, to the courthouse as his contempt of Congress trial began on Wednesday. Navarro is facing two counts for his refusal to testify to the Jan. 6 Committee. The trial is taking place at the courthouse in [City], [County], [State].

Navarro, 74, arrived at the courthouse with a large photo of Trump giving a salute. When asked about the poster, Navarro quipped to reporters, “The commander in chief.” However, he did not provide any further explanation for why he had the poster.

Before entering the courtroom, Navarro expressed his frustration with the pending trial, stating that it would result in additional legal fees of approximately $10,000 and a total cost of $1 million. He argued that the subpoenas he defied were nullified by former President Donald Trump’s executive privilege, which grants the president the right to keep certain communications confidential.

Prosecutors urged jurors to convict Navarro, claiming that he blatantly disregarded the law by defying a congressional subpoena. Prosecutor John Crabb emphasized Navarro’s failure to comply with the subpoena, stating, “He acted as if he’s above the law, but he’s not above the law.”

The trial will continue as the jury deliberates on the charges against Navarro.


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