Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump in Civil Fraud Trial

Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump in Civil Fraud Trial

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is set to testify against Donald Trump in a civil fraud trial taking place in New York City. Cohen, who once pledged unwavering loyalty to Trump, will accuse the former president of intentionally inflating the value of his assets to boost his net worth. The trial, which could have significant implications for Trump’s business empire, follows a ruling by New York judge Arthur Engoron that found Trump guilty of manipulating his net worth for business deals.

Cohen’s testimony is expected to be a major blow to Trump, as it could result in him being barred from running his New York real estate business. If found guilty of additional fraud charges, Trump may face civil penalties of at least $250 million. Cohen, who worked closely with Trump for over a decade, has previously admitted to covering up Trump’s “dirty deeds” and has been a vocal critic of the former president since his release from prison in 2021.

Trump has indicated his intention to be present in the courtroom during Cohen’s testimony. Cohen, for his part, has welcomed the opportunity to confront his former client. He has predicted that the civil fraud trial could lead to the end of Trump’s businesses in New York if they are placed in receivership. Cohen has also expressed concerns about testifying due to Trump’s influence over his supporters.

As the trial approaches, Cohen appears to be preparing for the event. He expressed anticipation for the reunion with Trump, stating, “It’s been five years since we have seen one another. I hope Donald does as well.”


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