Former Springville Water Polo Coach Arrested on Sexual Abuse Charges

Former Springville water polo coach, Jordan Shea Fassett, 31, has been arrested on multiple sexual abuse charges following allegations made by several players and another coach. Fassett was taken into custody on February 8 and is facing charges of forcible sexual abuse, object rape, and sexual battery.

The investigation began in January when a Springville police officer received information regarding allegations of sexual abuse by a former local water polo coach. Four individuals came forward, including one victim who was 15 years old at the time of the alleged abuse. This victim described an incident referred to as “christening,” where Fassett grabbed their swimsuit inappropriately.

Another victim, an adult and fellow water polo coach, reported that Fassett made a comment about the victim not having been “initiated” yet. Initially thinking it was related to water polo, the victim was shocked when Fassett proceeded to touch them inappropriately, starting with their upper thigh. The victim felt unable to escape the situation due to fear of exposure or damage to their swimsuit.

The third victim, who was 18 years old at the time, stated that Fassett mentioned the need for her to be “initiated” and that other players treated it as a normal process. During a training session, Fassett allegedly grabbed her inappropriately for about 10 seconds before releasing her. When the victim confronted Fassett, she claims Fassett laughed and continued coaching.

The fourth victim, aged 17 at the time, reported an incident during a practice scrimmage against a team Fassett was playing with. Fassett allegedly touched her inappropriately and directed her movements.

Fassett initially denied the allegations but later admitted to and downplayed them when confronted by the police. Authorities emphasized the seriousness of the allegations due to Fassett’s position of trust as a coach. Although Fassett has since been removed from her coaching position, concerns have been raised about potential grooming of juveniles on the team.

Author: CrimeDoor

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