Former South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg Urges Dismissal of Law License Suspension

Former South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg has appealed to the state Supreme Court to dismiss the effort to suspend his law license. Ravnsborg, who was impeached and removed from office following a fatal accident in 2020, argued that he took responsibility and acted professionally in the aftermath of the incident. The disciplinary board of the South Dakota State Bar is seeking a 26-month suspension of Ravnsborg’s law license, retroactive to June 2022, when he left office. The court is yet to decide on the imposition of the suspension.

During the court hearing, Ravnsborg expressed remorse and apologized to the Boever family, stating that he prays for them every day. Thomas Frieberg, an attorney for the disciplinary board, highlighted Ravnsborg’s alleged lack of forthrightness and evasiveness in his actions following the accident.

The incident occurred on the night of September 12, 2020, when Ravnsborg was driving home from a political fundraiser. He initially reported hitting “something” to the 911 dispatcher, suggesting it might have been a deer or another animal. However, it was later revealed that Ravnsborg had struck 55-year-old Joe Boever, who was walking towards his crashed truck near the road. Investigators found inconsistencies in Ravnsborg’s statements, such as his initial claim of seeing Boever before correcting himself. They also discovered Boever’s glasses in Ravnsborg’s car, indicating that his face had gone through the windshield.

Investigators further revealed that Ravnsborg had walked past Boever’s body and his illuminated flashlight without noticing them. Ravnsborg resolved the criminal case in 2021 by pleading no contest to traffic misdemeanors and was fined. He also reached a settlement with Boever’s widow.

During the impeachment hearing in 2022, prosecutors alleged that Ravnsborg had used his position as attorney general to gain influence and set the tone in the aftermath of the crash.

Ravnsborg’s attorney, Michael Butler, argued that Ravnsborg had only responded when asked if he was the attorney general by an officer.

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