Former San Jose State Athletic Trainer Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges

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Image Credit: Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group

Former San Jose State University athletic trainer, Scott Shaw, pleaded guilty to two federal charges on Tuesday as part of a plea deal. Shaw, who had been accused by 17 female swimmers of sexual assault during treatment sessions, admitted to violating the constitutional right to “bodily integrity” of two former athletes. The guilty pleas came after a mistrial was declared on August 3, following a deadlock on the original six charges against Shaw. He voluntarily left the university in 2020 and is currently collecting a state pension.

Shaw will return for sentencing on November 14, where he faces a maximum of two years in prison, one year for each misdemeanor count. The guilty pleas specifically relate to his inappropriate touching of two women’s breasts, areolas, and buttocks during treatment for shoulder and back pain. While more than two dozen former athletes made allegations against Shaw since 2009, the original six charges involved four athletes whose experiences fell within the five-year statute of limitations.

The guilty pleas mark the end of a 14-year saga at San Jose State, which gained significant attention in 2020 when swim coach Sage Hopkins brought the allegations against Shaw to light. The fallout from the case led to the resignations of the university president and athletic director, as well as over $5 million in legal settlements for more than two dozen victims. Hopkins and one former athlete who testified against Shaw were present in court to witness the guilty pleas.

At Shaw’s sentencing, victims will have the opportunity to submit written statements or speak against him.


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