Former San Jose Fire Captain Charged with Felonies in Attempted Lewd Acts with Minor

Former San Jose Fire Captain Charged with Felonies in Attempted Lewd Acts with Minor

Former San Jose fire captain, Spencer Parker, has been charged with three felonies related to attempting lewd acts with a 13-year-old girl. Documents from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office reveal that Parker is facing charges of communicating with a minor to commit an offense involving the minor, sending or exhibiting harmful matter to a person under 13 years old, and requesting a photograph of someone under 18 years old.

Parker was arrested by Folsom police on April 1 and subsequently arraigned on April 3. He is currently out on bail, awaiting further legal proceedings. A mandatory settlement conference has been scheduled for April 24, according to court records.

Parker’s attorney, Philip Cozen, declined to comment on the case when approached for a statement. Similarly, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office has chosen not to provide any comments at this time.

San Jose Fire Department officials have confirmed Parker’s employment with the department, which began in 2008 and ended on April 12 of this year. However, they have refrained from commenting on the ongoing case.

In 2019, Parker received a salary of over $119,000 as a San Jose firefighter, as indicated on the department’s website.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  2. This is a very important post shedding light on a serious issue. It’s crucial to bring attention to cases like these to protect our communities and ensure the safety of our children. Thank you for reporting on this matter and raising awareness.

  3. This is a disturbing and unfortunate incident that highlights the importance of vigilance and awareness when it comes to child safety. It serves as a reminder for parents, guardians, and communities to be cautious and proactive in protecting children from potential predators.

    One real-world application of this information is the need for parents and guardians to educate their children about personal boundaries and the importance of reporting any uncomfortable or inappropriate behavior. It is crucial to have open and honest conversations with children about what is acceptable and what is not, so

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