Former Rheumatologist Faces Legal Battle Over Allegations of Medically Unnecessary Exams

A former rheumatologist, Dr. Derrick Todd, is currently involved in a legal battle following accusations of performing medically unnecessary breast and pelvic exams. The allegations against Dr. Todd came to light after he resigned from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) in July, following an investigation into complaints made against him.

Dr. Charles Morris, BWH’s chief medical officer and senior vice president of medical affairs, stated that the hospital launched an investigation after receiving two anonymous complaints about Dr. Todd. Once the investigation concluded, the hospital decided to terminate his employment, leading to his resignation.

An incident report filed with the state Department of Public Health revealed that the hospital received complaints from two individuals who identified themselves as physicians, expressing concerns about Dr. Todd’s conduct. The report mentioned complaints regarding inappropriate pelvic examinations and concerns about breast examinations performed by the doctor.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine has described some of the allegations against Dr. Todd as “gynecology related” and “improper choice of treatment.” Dr. Todd has signed a voluntary agreement in Massachusetts and other states, without admitting to any wrongdoing.

In addition to the ongoing investigation, Dr. Todd is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit filed in Middlesex Superior Court. The lawsuit names Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, where Dr. Todd served as chief of clinical rheumatology, and Charles River Medical Associates, where he worked as a rheumatologist and primary care physician.

The lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Stacey Pietrowicz, stated that she represents multiple women who allege they were “abused by Dr. Todd under the guise of medical care.” The lawsuit claims unnecessary and inappropriate breast and pelvic exams were conducted, sometimes during non-business hours.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and the Boston Police Department are reportedly investigating sexual assault allegations against Dr. Todd. However, the Boston Police Department has not confirmed this information, and the Suffolk DA’s office declined to comment.

Dr. Todd’s attorney, Ingrid Martin, stated that he has not seen the allegations mentioned in any lawsuit filed against him. Martin emphasized that Dr. Todd believes he has done nothing wrong and will vigorously defend against the claims. The Board of Registration in Medicine is also conducting an investigation.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Charles River Medical Associates have reached out to Dr. Todd’s current and former patients, offering information and resources as the investigation continues. Both institutions expressed regret for the harm caused to patients and their families and are focused on restoring trust in healthcare.

Dr. Joseph Harrington, from Charles River Medical Associates, stated that the practice had not received any complaints regarding Dr. Todd’s conduct. The practice is cooperating fully with local and state authorities and is providing patients with an opportunity to report any concerns about their care.

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