Former President of Resorts World Las Vegas Accused of Allowing Criminals to Gamble

Scott Sibella, the former president and COO of Resorts World Las Vegas, has been accused of allowing criminals to gamble at the casino resort. A high roller named Cipriani has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court of Nevada, alleging that Sibella turned a blind eye to patrons gambling with stolen money. Cipriani claims that he tried to inform Sibella and the casino staff about the criminal activities, but they allegedly ignored him.

The lawsuit also alleges that Alexander, a person involved in a previous incident with Cipriani, used stolen money from his investors to gamble at Resorts World Las Vegas. Cipriani attempted to tip off Sibella and the casino staff about this, but they allegedly disregarded his concerns. Additionally, Alexander allegedly subjected Cipriani to weeks of harassment and intimidation.

Screenshots of conversations between Cipriani and the casino property’s surveillance operations manager, Tatonetti, were provided as evidence in the lawsuit. These screenshots show that Cipriani had informed Tatonetti about two criminals, including Ting, who had been allowed to play at the casino. Ting had previously operated an illegal gambling ring. Tatonetti acknowledged the issue and mentioned that the cage director was also upset about it.

Cipriani is seeking compensation for the damages he claims Resorts World Las Vegas and Sibella have caused. This lawsuit comes after Sibella’s departure from the company due to unspecified violations. In the meantime, Peter LaVoie, the chief financial officer, has been named as the new president of Resorts World Las Vegas.

Author: CrimeDoor

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