Former Personal Assistant Accused of Embezzlement and Murder of Tech Entrepreneur

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Image Credit: Reuters; Clerk's office, Manhattan Supreme Court; Alyssa Powell/Insider

Manhattan prosecutors have revealed new details in the case against Tyrese Haspil, a former personal assistant accused of embezzling and murdering tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh. Saleh, who had put his trust in Haspil, discovered unauthorized transactions totaling over $35,000 in his Adventure Capital Chase Account. The embezzlement allegedly amounted to $400,000, four times the initial amount reported.

Haspil is also accused of following Saleh to his Manhattan condominium, stunning him with a Taser, and stabbing him to death in a botched attempt to cover up the murder. Prosecutors have presented evidence, including security camera footage and a Taser ID tag found at the crime scene, linking Haspil to the murder.

Haspil has pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer may seek an extreme emotional disturbance defense. The trial has been delayed multiple times, with the pre-trial process potentially extending into next year.


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