Former New York Police Union Boss Sentenced to Prison for Wire Fraud

Former New York Police Union Boss Sentenced to Prison for Wire Fraud

In a courtroom in New York City on Thursday morning, former New York Police Union boss Ed Mullins received his sentencing for wire fraud. Mullins, who was once at the helm of New York’s largest police union, will now have ample time to reflect on his past actions and statements that have stirred controversy over the years.

The judge, denying Mullins’ request for leniency, sentenced him to two years in federal prison. Mullins had hoped to avoid any prison time altogether, but his plea fell on deaf ears. While it may be tempting to revel in schadenfreude at his misfortune, it is worth noting that Mullins will not face the full extent of consequences that many believe he deserves.

Mullins, who surrendered to authorities in February, pleaded guilty to wire fraud, a crime that carries a maximum prison term of 20 years. His offense involved misappropriating funds from the New York Police Department union dues. These funds were used for personal indulgences such as extravagant steak dinners, luxury clothing, and even covering a family member’s tuition. Mullins filed these expenses under false pretenses, leading to nearly $1 million in reimbursement from the Sergeants Benevolent Association.

Throughout the courtroom proceedings, Mullins expressed remorse and claimed to have undergone a significant transformation. However, the judge appeared unmoved by his pleas, highlighting the gravity of Mullins’ actions. It is perhaps ironic that Mullins finds himself lamenting the prospect of trading his Gucci belts for an orange jumpsuit, rather than reflecting on the racist statements he has made in the past.

In 2019, Mullins faced backlash for sharing a video that perpetuated racial stereotypes, suggesting that “the projects will always be dens of crime and violence.” He denied sending the video but failed to distance himself from accusations of racism, especially considering his colleagues’ previous controversial Twitter activity.

Mullins has been an active user of social media, using his platform to make derogatory comments. He tweeted pictures of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter’s arrest report, referred to Bronx-native Congressman Ritchie Torres as a “first-class whore,” and engaged in other inflammatory behavior. These actions further damaged his reputation and credibility.

Now, Mullins faces the consequences of his choices. Trust that his incarceration, slated to begin in 2025, will come as no surprise to those familiar with his transgressions. While justice is being served, it is important to acknowledge that this is just one step in a larger journey toward accountability, integrity, and rebuilding trust within the law enforcement community.

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