Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Continues Legal Battle Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is using taxpayer money in a legal fight to challenge the sexual harassment allegations that led to his resignation in August 2021. Cuomo, who denies assaulting or sexually harassing anyone, is employing a “scorched earth” tactic to obtain information about an alleged college sexual assault case involving one of the women. He has also criticized the prosecutors who have pursued him over the years, claiming they abused the law and weaponized the legal system.

Cuomo’s legal tactics have caused emotional and financial burdens for the women who accused him, according to their attorneys. The ongoing lawsuits and subpoenas, funded by taxpayers to the amount of $20 million, have retraumatized the women and may discourage others from speaking up about sexual harassment and abuse in the future.

Although Cuomo did not face criminal prosecution after multiple investigations into the allegations, he continues to fight the claims in civil court. Despite his legal battles, Cuomo has not ruled out the possibility of running for public office again. He remains active with a weekly podcast and speeches at Black churches, where he receives a warm reception.

However, some Democrats who have spoken with Cuomo believe his continued focus on his downfall and grievances is hindering his potential comeback. They advise him to lay low and focus on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past.

Critics of Cuomo argue that his legal tactics reflect his tendency to resort to intimidation. They claim he has a history of turning harmless situations into dangerous lies to protect himself.

Author: CrimeDoor

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