Former New Hampshire Lawmaker Faces Federal Charge in Connection with Child Exploitation Case

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A shocking case of child exploitation has emerged, involving a former New Hampshire lawmaker and an employee of a daycare facility in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. Stacie Marie Laughton, 39, of Nashua, has been charged with sexual exploitation of children and aiding and abetting, according to the prosecution. Her former intimate partner, Lindsay Groves, who worked at Creative Minds Early Learning Center in Tyngsborough, also faces federal charges in connection with the case.

In an affidavit related to the case, it was revealed that Groves admitted to taking explicit photos of children at the daycare center in 2022 and 2023, and further, sending these appalling images to Laughton. The investigation uncovered over 10,000 text messages exchanged between the two individuals, which included discussions and transfers of these explicit photographs.

A concerned mother, whose son claimed to have been “sexually assaulted, abused, and exploited,” has filed a lawsuit against the daycare facility. This distressing revelation raises serious questions about the safety and security protocols in place at Creative Minds Early Learning Center.

It is worth noting that back in 2012, Laughton made headlines for being the first transgender person elected to a state legislature in New Hampshire. However, she later resigned from her position amidst reports of a previous felony conviction, which raised concerns about her eligibility to serve.

The case against Groves is still pending, and a court date has yet to be set. The community is urged to come forward with any information, questions, or concerns related to this distressing case by contacting Levy’s office at 617-748-3274 or reviewing the case information online.

This deeply troubling incident highlights the importance of safeguarding the well-being of children and maintaining a secure environment at all times. As authorities continue their investigation, society must remain vigilant in protecting the innocence and safety of our most vulnerable.

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