Former NBA G-League Player Chance Comanche Confesses to Vegas Murder Plot with Ex-Girlfriend

Former NBA G-League player Chance Comanche has admitted to his involvement in the murder of Maryana Rodgers, with assistance from his ex-girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, as revealed in court records obtained by KCRA 3.

Comanche, a former Stockton Kings center, strangled Rodgers to death using an HDMI cord, while Harnden used her hands in the murder plot. The incident occurred shortly after Comanche’s team played against the Ignite. Las Vegas police reported discovering Rodgers’ body in the desert near Henderson following Comanche’s confession, as detailed in a Las Vegas PD arrest warrant.

According to the police report, 23-year-old Maryana Rodgers, a medical assistant from Washington, was traveling to Las Vegas with intentions related to prostitution. She met her friend Harnden, 19, who works as a prostitute. The court documents allege that the two had planned to meet for a “prostitution double date,” which turned out to be a setup.

Comanche informed the police that Rodgers had initially agreed to have her hands zip-tied “as part of a kinky sex request” before he strangled her, according to the documents.

While Comanche mentioned that he and Harnden attempted to hire a male friend to carry out the murder, their friend declined the offer.

Comanche’s lawyer, Michael Goldstein, refrained from commenting on the confession, stating, “We’re going to let the courts deal with it.”

Harnden is currently in custody without bail, as reported by AP. Comanche was officially released by the G-League team on December 15 and was arrested by the FBI on the same day. He faces charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Author: CrimeDoor

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