Former MLB Player Arrested in Connection to Fatal Lake Tahoe Shooting

Former MLB Player Arrested in Connection to Fatal Lake Tahoe Shooting

After a two-year probe, police have arrested two suspects, including ex-MLB player Danny Serafini, 49, related to a fatal attack in the Lake Tahoe area. The assault resulted in the death of Robert Gary Spohr, 70, and left his wife, Wendy Wood, critically injured.

Serafini and Samantha Scott, 33, were apprehended separately in Las Vegas and near Reno, Nevada. Both suspects were familiar with the victims; Spohr and Wood are Serafini’s in-laws, as confirmed by Sgt. David Smith, a spokesperson for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

The crime occurred in 2021 in Homewood, North Lake Tahoe. Surveillance footage from the victims’ residence displayed a man in a gray hoodie and face mask approaching their home hours before the shooting. Another clip revealed the same individual heading up the driveway. Upon receiving a 911 call, officers found Spohr with a gunshot wound, while Wood was shot multiple times. Although she initially survived, Wood passed away a year later.

Placer County Sheriff Wayne Woo emphasized the relentless pursuit of justice, stating, “Today, justice was served.” Both Serafini and Scott will be extradited to California.

Serafini, who enjoyed an 11-year MLB career across several teams, remains silent on the matter. His attorney, David Fischer, hasn’t commented. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office has yet to confirm if Scott has legal representation.

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