Former Massachusetts City Councilor Joins Russian Military in Ukraine Conflict

A former Massachusetts city councilor, Wilmer Puello-Mota, who had fled the country earlier this year to avoid standing trial for a child pornography charge, has now emerged in Russia, fighting on behalf of the Kremlin in its ongoing war with Ukraine. Recently surfaced footage shows Puello-Mota inside a Russian enlistment center, where he signed up to join the war effort, according to reports. The video, posted on the region’s official Telegram channel, captures Puello-Mota in an enlistment location with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the background, as reported by the Guardian.

In an interview with Ugra-TV, Puello-Mota, 28, expressed his desire to become a Russian citizen. His legal troubles began when authorities discovered explicit photos of a 17-year-old girl on his cell phone in 2020. He was subsequently charged with child pornography, despite his claim that he believed the victim was of legal age. Additionally, Puello-Mota faces charges of obstruction of the judicial system, forgery, and counterfeiting for allegedly presenting fake documents to the Massachusetts Air National Guard in an attempt to deceive commanders following the child pornography charge.

Despite efforts by the Holyoke City Council to remove him from office, Puello-Mota managed to retain his seat until his term expired in December 2023, thanks to a lawsuit he filed. However, prior to his scheduled trial in January, he fled the country and traveled to Turkey, according to prosecutors. Last week, the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office received photos and videos suggesting that Puello-Mota was in Russia and Ukraine, potentially having joined the Russian military. The authenticity of these materials remains unverified, leaving open the possibility that Puello-Mota is either beyond the jurisdiction of the court or engaged in an elaborate ruse to conceal his whereabouts.

Former colleagues of Puello-Mota believe that the man seen in the recent video is indeed him. Holyoke City Councilor David Bartley stated, “That’s Wil in it. It looks like Wil. It sounds like Wil.” Councilor Juan Anderson-Burgos expressed certainty, saying, “I am 100% sure.” Additional footage indicates that Puello-Mota may have volunteered to fight for Moscow in February when Russian forces seized the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka, as reported by the Guardian.

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