Former Howard Stern Show Employee Arrested After Violent Altercation Caught on Livestream

Former “The Howard Stern Show” employee, Elisa Jordana, 35, has been arrested following a violent altercation that was livestreamed on YouTube. The incident took place in Palm Beach, FL, and has since gone viral on social media.

In the two-hour livestream titled “Not Doing Good,” Jordana emotionally expressed her distress over her reported boyfriend, identified as Zscorro, allegedly sending thousands of dollars to another woman named Sara. During the livestream, Sara called in, leading to a heated exchange between the two women.

As tensions escalated, Jordana physically assaulted Zscorro, punching him in the arm and later smacking him in the face. Zscorro retaliated with offensive language and threats. The entire incident was broadcasted to viewers in real-time.

Following the livestream, Jordana was arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and charged with felony battery. The arrest record confirms the severity of the incident.

Elisa Jordana, also known as Elisa Schwartz, gained popularity as the “Queen of IRL Livestreaming” on social media platforms. She was previously engaged to Andy Dick, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Jordana publicly discussed their breakup on her YouTube show, “Kermit and Friends,” citing issues with Dick’s relationship with Lucas Crawford, his ex-lover.

The breakup reached a breaking point when Dick allegedly forgot Jordana’s birthday and arrived late to her party, reportedly asking her mother for pills. Jordana revealed that Dick has since blocked her on Instagram.

With over 13K subscribers on her YouTube channel, Jordana has built a following through her online presence.

The incident involving Jordana and Zscorro has sparked widespread attention due to its graphic nature and the livestream’s viral dissemination. The arrest and subsequent charges highlight the seriousness of the altercation.

Author: CrimeDoor

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